4 reasons why the homepage is important for your website.

                                     Every business doesn’t need a website they need a ‘great’ website. And hence they need a captive home page. The home page is the first page visitors see of your website so no doubt it should be a brilliant one.

Remember when you were in school, in the library. You used to go through the books on the shelf and pick the book with a great name and picture on the cover. We always ran off from books with boring and dull covers. It is similar to the visitors to your website. If you have a dull homepage no one will try going through its other content. The homepage is that cover for your website we need to make sure every visitor digs deep into the website.

Here are some reasons for making your homepage captive.

1.      It is the identity of your business

Website is the identity of your business, be it service or product. Your website holds all the brand image of it. It is the visual aspect of the webpage where they can go through all products you sell and services you offer.

2.       First impression

86% of the users search about the businesses before making a decision or purchasing from them. So, when your prospective clients/ customers visit your website homepage is the first sight they see of you. The elements on your homepage decide what will be that first impression you want to give to your visitors.

3.       Engages the visitors

The elements like web copy, subscription option, client feedbacks, etc. make your visitor surf more time on the website. The more they surf the more they discover about you and more are the chances of them to be a sales prospect.

4.       Hints for underlying content.

The options like blogs, previous clients, contact us, blogs, etc. hints at the visitor about other pages of the website. Hence we can say the homepage the navigation source for the site. We need to design it in such a way that users must know that you got much more interesting things on other pages.

                       We came through the reason that makes the home page important. But what are those specific things that increase the importance of the homepage? Now we’ll go through those elements for a better understanding of a homepage

  1. Web-copy

The text that captivates the visitor is equally important as attractive graphics. Write the copy as you welcome a guest into your house. Let it sound warm and happy.

2.       Branding

Do a good branding, that is put up your logo, taglines, product images, the services youoffers, etc. to let them register it all in one place. Give an introduction about the company’s journey, post images of the achievements. Show the credibility of your business but showing certificates and awards.

3.       Graphics + Animation

Put up good graphic elements. Make sections for different parts of the page. Use a good colour scheme. Use a smooth animation to scroll through the gallery. The more dynamic (interactive) your website will be more will remember about it.

4.       Social media links

Adding links to your social media accounts can be one of the Call-to-action. Let them connect with you more easily. Also, social media gives a fun and personal touch to your customer relationship. Make sure you keep updating these links.

      So do you still doubt that is the homepage that important for your site? Let us know your thoughts on this!

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