Traditionally when you market you TELL people how good you are, but when you do Content Marketing you SHOW how good you are. With right content and content strategy you show your prospects your brand authority. Content marketing has turned from fun marketing concept to necessity strategy for marketing. Now every business needs to put up content on digital platforms for better reach. Content marketing has great potential of attracting traffic to you website and social media sites. This growth is healthy for your platforms since it is organic and long lasting unlike paid promoted strategies. Content marketing can be effective only if you provide valuable content. More the value higher the audience it attracts. Having a great content can also engage your prospects for longer time and keep you brand on the top of their mind. One best thing about content is you can choose your platforms and type of content you want to post. The tone of the content can be modified accordingly. Hence, content is platform flexible.

Let’s dive deeper and check out importance of Content Marketing

1.         Nurture your prospects

Every single piece of content is targeted for a specific audience hence it connects you to your prospects. If you align your marketing objective with your content strategy it can work wonders for you. Content on social media are in demand since major prospects spend time on social media. But, while you put up your content on social media you need to provide value and not just be salesy. When you offer value people engage and build a trust for your brand.

2.         Make your reach better with SEO

When you make content around the keywords you increase the visitors by ranking high on SERPs. Be Search Engine friendly and you are half way done. Optimize you web pages, social media pages for better performance on search engine ranking. When your prospects make purchase decisions they do research before actual buying. When these prospects visit your website, there are higher chances of them converting into buyers. Once you understand your target audience and build a funnel you are good to go!

3.         High ROI

The biggest advantage of Digital marketing over traditional marketing is every engagement builds block for  your sales funnel. Every visitor is a potential customer hence when you are able to trace their engagement with your content, why not? Track these prospects, follow them and let them enter your sales funnel till the bottom. You can get infographics that will explain your audience’s preference, interest, location etc. These stats will help you create more relevant content.

4.         Trust for website visitor

When you post consistently your brand forms an image in your prospect’s mind. As they engage with your content they build an opinion, values and a brand. They will associate your brand with an image and emotion. As we mentioned before, your prospects do a research before making a purchase. When they think of product/ service this emotion and image comes in front of their eyes. This is all possible because they sense a trust. Content is a great medium to develop reputation over time. Lastly, when a lead visits your page and observes that you have a consistent content they may perceive you as an authoritative entity. This will gradually an audience base that trusts you and your brand.

5.         Very cost effective strategy

Content marketing is the most affordable strategy. When compared to traditional marketing it costs 62% less (a study by Demand Metrics). That means even small business can do it too. With smaller budget you can reach bigger audience. To make content marketing strategy effective you need to understand your ideal customer, and target them. Users on digital platforms are increasing and demand for consuming content is also growing hence, the growth of your content can be high organically. You can provide a Call-To-Action to promote purchase.

Today in the chaos of brands and businesses you need to establish your credibility to your potential customer. Hence having a strategic marketing plan is a must, which include Content Marketing. Since, Content Marketing has become the need of new age marketing. Not to miss Bill Gates have said and we quote “Content is king.”

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