5 Tools for web development

Building a website can be tedious if you don’t choose the right tools. How can you land up with those perfect tools? You will need to try them and find out if you are comfortable with them. Secondly, every project needs different tools. So, keep in mind these 2 points and select your stack of tools.

Once you find the right tools it will save your time for developing the site, designing a responsive site, improving your website’s SEO performance,etc. In this blog we have found out 5 tools which are best for web development.

1.   Angular.JS

Cost: Free and open source

HTML is the base of web development, but it is limited for building static websites. When it comes to building a dynamic website you need AngularJS. Developers who know HTML, Javascript and CSS can easily learn Angular JS. It gives the developer more area of opportunities. You can build as well as test your web applications here. Besides, it has an easy UI which makes things much easier to understand. You don’t need to worry about the credibility of this tool since it is supported by Google. AngularJS is a great tool for developing high-quality dynamic web applications. It has rich features and developers can test their web application with it which saves a lot of time and resources

  1. Chrome DevTools

Cost: Free of cost

Chrome browser provides development tools for website developers. One can access the loaded page easily and directly. The developers can see how their page looks to the visitor while they experiment with various parameters directly on the page through DevTools. It also gives a direct access to JavaScript so they can fiddle around and see how certain interactions appear to the user. The web developers can perform debugging with this tool. Also, Chrome gives you access to the active DevTools Community for support.

Note- Chrome DevTools can only be used with a single browser.

  1. Sass

Cost: Free and open source

Web dev tools that save time are the best. Enter the world of the CSS preprocessor, a tool that will help you write future-proof code,also reduce the amount of CSS you have to write Perhaps most popular among them is Sass, an open-source project which pretty much changed  the genre of modern CSS preprocessors. Although a little complex to understand in the beginning, Sass’s combination of variables, nesting, and mixins will render simple CSS when compiled, meaning your stylesheets will be more readable and most importantly reduce repetitive software patterns.

4.Visual Studio Code

Cost: Free and open source

Visual studio code is a code editor with support for development operations like task running, version control and debugging. One can write all the programming languages in VS Code, like Java or HTML. Besides, developers can add new languages, themes, and debuggers with the help of extensions. The best part about the software is that it is uniform on all OS be it Windows, Mac or Linux. Students who are starting out won’t find it difficult to learn. It is easily available for download and it brings in updates quite frequently. VSC is backed by Microsoft and a huge community of developers utilize this open source.


Cost: Free and open source

A framework used for developing responsive & mobile first websites- Bootstrap. Bootstrap is brought in by Twitter. Developers can use HTML, CSS and Javascript language for developing websites with Bootstrap framework. Bootstrap offers its own predefined grid system which saves a lot of coding efforts.  When you work with BS, there are less browser bugs. The software is lightweight and customizable. Developers can access a lot of free templates, WordPress themes and plugins for better performance. They can make websites with responsive structures and styles. All the while, BS also provides the developers with documentation and community support.

AngularJS, Chrome DevTools, Sass, Visual Studio Code and  Bootstrap are top tools for web development. If you are a beginner these tools can help you kickstart your web development journey. And, if you are a well established developer these tools can make you an efficient developer.

Analyse the nature of your website or project you are working and decide which tool will fit your style of work the best. This is the only way you can select your tools. Although there are a lot more tools on the internet you can compare what they offer, how their interface suits you, if they fit in your budget etc. Even if every tool listed here is replaceable by another tool, they are the building bricks of your website.

What tools does your stack includes?

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