7 Business Skills you need before you join corporate world

Corporate world has evolving every day and surviving in its cut throat competition is possible only if you have an extra skill. The importance of your degree is reducing everyday as people are being equipped with real life skills. These real life skills are valued more than any certification. Hence, understanding and imbibing these skills in yourself can lift you up out of the crowd. If you are the one who is about to enter Corporate World here is the checklist of skills you will require.

1.Negotiation skills

Negotiating is not always saying ‘No’ it is coming to an equilibrium point where you and the other person agrees to. This is an effective skill even if you are a beginner or professional operating at any level. Negotiation have considered as a skills to thrive at workplace. When you negotiate wisely without losing company’s or your prospect’s interest you secure value for your organization. You don’t only help your company but also uplift your value in an organization.

2.Management skills

Managing is next thriving skill in corporate world. Your managing skills are directly measured as you performance. Being able to manage multiple projects, team members, last minute hassles etc., shows how vigilant person you are. If you are aiming to lead a team in near future Management skill is what you need to master. If you have management skills you it can help you with acquiring leadership position.

3.Leadership skills

Many time management skillsare confused with leadership skills, which is not true. As mentioned before, management skill just helpsyou to become a good leader. Not necessarily a good manager will be a good leader. So, what is leadership? You not only manage people but guide them through. Your team must look up to you aa a person who can help them out whenever they find a block. Times of pressure are when real leaders are tested. If you are a person who can budge off the pressure and calmly solve the problems with your team you are able to make a good leader.

4.Effective Communication

Effective communication is what people lack these days. Colleagues who have problems don’t express it directly and it affects the work. A right business setup can help reduce this kind of friction between team mates. Effective communication can help organization achieve their objective and goals. Organizations can conduct workshops for explaining effective communication modules to improve employee efficiency. Effective communication not only includes conveying the message but also listening, understanding nonverbal cues, empathizing the colleagues etc.

5.Emotional intelligence

Cut throat competition and deteriorating mental health in today’s time can also affect your emotional quotient. Emotional Intelligence at workplace is held by 5 pillars i.e. Self-awareness, Self-regulation, Motivation, Empathy and Social Skills. When understand your emotions and are self-aware you adjust yourself according to the situation before it becomes an issue for others. For example, if you are upset due to something outside the office you will be able to channelize your thoughts before you start working and not let your work and colleagues get affected. Hence, practicing emotional intelligence is important.

6.Decision making

Analyzing and navigating complex situations and problems is a fundamental need to acquire decision making skills. A good decision maker is the one who understand the scenario quickly and is able to come to a reliable conclusion. His/ her decisions are quick as well as data driven; they have proper insights and not just estimations. Everything and everyone has gained speed and have become quick result driven. Hence, you always need to be prompt and vigilant.


Networking is a demanding skill irrespective of the field you are in. Networking can help at unexpected times. A good networker don’t connect just to gain benefit out of it but to build new and professional relations. You need to leave your comfort zone and approach new people to build your network. Not only building, you should keep it expanding. A digital platform, social media is a great place to network. For professional network building apps like LinkedIn are very effective.

No matter you level of seniority, area of work or understand of a business, you need to understand and implement these 7 essential skills to survive in corporate world. Along with your hard skills and certificates soft skills can make stand ahead than the competition around you.

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