7 Strategies for Social Media marketing

 Social Media is ruling all over marketing and advertising forms, be it video commercials, copies, and ad campaigns. Social media gives it a personal touch to the brands and it has the undivided attention of the potential customers which makes it effective compared to other traditional forms of marketing. Also, it gives you a great reach with a very inexpensive budget.

I’ll list down practical strategies for effective social media marketing you need to try it right away!

1.       Deliver value

Social media is a fun place to be also, it has a fun tone to it. However, you can’t just post casually. You need to plan the content which delivers value. Share valuable tips, hacks, insights, etc. for your niche. For e.g., if you are a clothing brand, post content around new trends, color co-ordinations, accessories, etc. where people will get to know new things.

2.       Engage with the audience

As I mentioned previously social media gives a personal touch to your brand, it is because you can engage with prospects. Reply the DMs/ Messages/ Emails within 24hrs or they will lose interest. Reply to the comments, also post valuable comments of their posts. Put up discussions on stories or in the caption of the post. Ask them to share the content with the friends. Conduct LIVE sessions, where you can directly answer your viewers’ questions and connect to them. All platforms including LinkedIn, Youtube has Live option.

3.       Show brand advocates

If you keep telling people how good your brand is people may trust you but if show them proof of how your customers liked it people will surely trust you. So, put up authentic testimonials or feedbacks. Testimonials help the audience to differentiate from fake brands. This is how influencer marketing works.

4.       Use relevant platforms

When we say social media, it consists of many platforms but you need to use only those relevant to your product/service. Every product has a specific segment of and target audience and those specific audiences are present on specific platforms. Teenagers and young adults are densely present on Instagram and Snapchat.

5.       Videos

Videos are the future. Short-form videos are most trending at present time. Be it Reels on Instagram and Facebook, Shorts of Youtube, and Tik Tok. These are 15- 30 secs of videos with transitions, sound effects, challenges. People try trends and challenges on reels and share them with people. Reels has a different algorithm on Instagram and hence it reaches more audience than the posts.

6. Hashtags

The hashtag game is leveling up every day. Hashtags increase the chances of reaching out to a larger audience. You need to research the hashtags relevant to the content you put and your brand. A small bonus tip, create a hashtag that is specific to your account. This unique hashtag can be only yours and will be showing only your posts. You can use it in ad campaigns too.


Paid ads and sponsored content can work wonders. If set a proper target audience it can help you convert your audience into buyers. Set a good budget for promotions. It depends on how much you want to invest in promotion but even a small amount as small as 80rs can be spent. For beginning spend small amounts track your reach and engagement to know if your promotion worked well.

Businesses worldwide are turning towards social media and hence competition is getting tough. You need to make your profile and overall presence stronger. The bigger benefit of this entire competitive environment is that small businesses can get in the league using social media, unlike traditional media.  Hope these strategies help you to make your social media presence more effective.

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