Best Digital Marketing practices for Startups

Startups are like soft cays you need to shape them right. No matter what size, shape or how old your business is having an enough amount of marketing budget will shape it better. And when it comes to marketing in 2021 it must be digital. Digital platforms are tremendously booming and all your potential customers are present there, ready to consume your product/service. All you need to do is reach out to them. Properly strategized marketing approach and take your business beyond your expectations. The best digital marketing practices that startup like yours can follow are listed in this blog.

  1. Create buyer persona

You won’t just put up an ad on social media with no specified target, no objective or no buyer’s persona. It will be major failure to do so. So, first things first, you will need to understand your prospect. Learn them; learn their habits, preferences, psychology, etc. You will need to target them according to demographics, geographic, psychology and other relevant categories. You can make Value Proposition canvas like mentioned below.

This canvas will give you a clarity what your prospects expect from you on digital platforms and what you can put up. When you understand and follow these details you will be able to focus on platforms that will yield result for you

2.Make content platform flexible

It’s a myth that you can’t use the same content on different platforms. You can completely do that. The more uniform your content will be on different platforms the more authentic your content will be to the visitors. Also, repurposing is a useful concept. You can design your content or modify it to use it on multiple platforms. Besides making is platform-flexible also make it SEO-friendly. Let your keywords be spread on all your social media and website. This is will help you get discovered on all the platforms on SERP.

3.Engage with your audience on all platforms

Be it comments on your social media post or an email enquiry from a website visitor, you will need to engage with both of them with equal importance. The more build relation with your audience more they will be loyal to you. Mainly on social media, since it is a quick response medium if you delay the response you will score low. Try putting up fun quizzes, challenges, giveaways etc. The only aim for a startup is to make people aware they exist. Once you establish your existence you can move further.

4.Make your content user friendly

The big mistake that newbies do is they do make quality content but it is not user friendly. For example, if you post on Instagram feed, the post should be in 1080 x 1080 pixel (1:1 ratio) but if you post it in different ratio if may look good for some pictures but most of the time it will disturb the user experience. In the end, it is for the audience so we need to keep in mind how they will receive this content. Make your website Mobile-first website if your audience searches you through mobile; add some trends in your content if your audience is young adults. And these all insights you can get when you analyze your content’s performance. Google analytics for website, Facebook analytics for Facebook posts, Instagram audience insights etc., these help you to trace your audience’s demographics

5.Keep a track of your strategies

Digital marketing results the best when backed by objectives and strategies. You need define your business’ objective

  • Brand awareness
  • Brand promotion
  • Lead generation
  • Acquiring clients
  • Making sales
  • Retaining clients

Once you decide your objective you get clarity to plan strategies. But how will you measure the performance?
You need to have third party software to keep check on the KPIs. If your objective is lead generation, you can measure the performance on the bases of the quantity of data you acquired. And accordingly it will change for every objective.

Starting up digital marketing can be messy at first but once you setup your platforms it turns easy. Initially you put in efforts for digital marketing and once set it starts working for you. Just plan your objectives, design strategies and schedule your content, stick to this mantra and you are good to go. Follow these digital marketing practices and you will already have an extra edge than others.

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