Corporate Culture’s Influence on Employee Motivation

On an average, an Employee spends 9 hours in the office. Hence, we can claim office as their second home. What happens at workplace affects the employees directly, as he starts nurturing the feeling of belongingness and loyalty towards the organization. Then don’t you think a healthy environment should be maintained?

But what is the use of it?

Healthy environment comprises of employees who are happy while working, who feel safe and secured at their workplace and are motivated to contribute more.

How corporate culture does affect the employee?

To make it easy to comprehend let’s break it down in 3 parts.

  1. Corporate culture affects employee’s efficiency

Employee’s efficiency is directly affected by Company’s culture .when an employee experiences sense of security they automatically give their 100%. Having a competition to grow on higher level jobs is a good thing until it doesn’t turn into a rat race. Let your employees have a healthy competition and at the same time let them be a part of team. Make them work on challenging projects which will help them grow. Offer a deserved promotion don’t delay it. Give a constructive feedback for encouraging them. The employee must be appreciated, it more important than monetary value.

2. Corporate culture affects employee’s mental health

Approximately 60% of the employee’s day revolves around office work. Hence, he is most of the time mentally occupied with office related thoughts. In this scenario if there’s any unhealthy situation in the office it will directly affect the employee. So have realistic deadlines and goals. Pressurizing too often and too much can oppress the employee. This is the reason many offices have started having a separate refreshment area where there are plants for fresh air, play area with indoor gaming material. Countries like Japan, Spain and New Zealand have already trying out 4 day work culture and have seen a prominent productivity.

3.Corporate culture affects employee’s team spirit

It’s not one employee that affects the whole culture but definitely it starts with only one employee. When an employee with unhealthy opinion or attitude influences his/her colleagues it spread throughout the team. A team is meant to build the company and not to damage it. Have frequent activities among the employees that will build healthy relation. Conduct a fun orientation for new joinees so they gel up easily and no hard feelings are developed. Whenever there is a problem, rather than us against them make it a collaborative approach. Make your peers feel included and valued.There are few important points you need to consider for an healthy corporate culture.


When the employee is given an assurance for his job he will be more mindful and perform better. Let them know that they have your back. Understand them when they are occupied with personal issues. The blurring line between personal and professional life can create friction that you don’t want.


Crystal clear communication is the key for company’s growth. Create a guideline for communication procedure. Let there be only one boss to one person, having to report multiple seniors is where confusion takes birth. Since things have gone digital due to work from home, decide specific time of contact, pre-schedule the meet so people can manage their other tasks.


Try creating an environment where peers support their peers. Let decision making, problem solving etc. , be a team approach rather than putting it all on one person. Spice up the daily work with some unique ways which will help employees from different to interact. Allowing them to socialize can boost engagement too.

Scope of growth

When employees are given responsibilities that challenge them to work harder they contribute actively. Celebrate employees’ hard work and strengths giving them motivation to grow. Not only projects work on employee’s personal development. Organizations can conduct personal growth activities to boost employee’s confidence. Such lively cultures prevent job stagnation while keeping things exciting and interesting.

With the deteriorating individual mental health, companies are giving more importance to Healthy Culture than ever. However, it is not easy to build great environment but organizations with healthy cultures make them powerful entity. Company leaders need to take company culture seriously.

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