Cyber Security and Privacy

As the technology is advancing day by day, so is the breach of cyber privacy skyrocketing. Cyber Security is necessary in the digital world we live in. It is an important facet of Information Technology as it involves platform to secure your data online which if corrupted might end up losing vital aspects of your business, personal information etc. In India, we have already encountered a number of security breach which are tackled by our government which includes leak in data of important personalities and politicians.

Today, the concept of Cyber Privacy is prevalent due to increase in the use of smartphone application, Social Medias, Online websites which involves a ample of data stored on digital networks and it has become pertinent to come up with cyber security apps, websites that might guide you in cyber security.

The area of cyber security is yet to be explored to match the pace of the growing technologies. Alpine Technologies would be a platform for you to explore the area in cyber security so as to develop an applications or websites which might help the people of the country in the future as the need for it is growing with each passing day.

The process of redesigning of system in website or new firewall and gateways or designing an smartphone application for securing the private data from the breaches with the help of password protected systems or software from biometric measures etc are some of the ways to look through this topic of Cyber Privacy.

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