Fundamental of UI design for a beginner

UI Design is the face of your app or website. It decides how the user and visitor interact with your application. UI elements guide your visitor through your app/website. For e.g. the burger option on the right corner of the screen shows that there are more pages to the website. After clicking on it there must be a list of the web pages. More the interaction the website/ app more are the chances of the visitor to convert into a client/ customer/ subscriber.

So how do you make them stay on your application for longer? -With an attractive UI design. To help you out with UI Design we have brought you this article, where we’ll discuss 7 fundamentals of UI Design.

  1. User

First things first! Whom are you designing it for? What are your visitors here for? What are you offering them? You need to know all of these before designing UI layout for app and website. Stand in the shoes of the user to understand how they will want to surf through and achieve their objective. For instance let’s consider you are designing an app as well as website for an apparel business.  You will need to add the ‘HOME’ button in the ‘MORE’ option while on the website it can be embedded on the navigation bar on the top.

2. Branding

When you design for a business you create a virtual entity for them. So make sure you hold on to the business’s core essence. For e.g. Pick up the logo colors for color scheme, stick to the typography they are already using, place their tagline slogan on the interface. When you visit the office of the business and website both should feel and look uniform.


When you design for the first time you would love to try out every possible design and be creative but try keeping it consistent. When you choose yellow color with a rectangular shape for the ‘BUY NOW’ button keep it consistent through-out the app and website. The use will unconsciously recognize it after a while and will expect only to place an order when tapped on it. Such consistency can bring ease in user experience and later retention.


Learn how blank spaces are useful in designing in general. Similarly, when placing UI elements understand they should be placed with appropriate spacing. If we place ‘CANCEL’ button very close to ‘PLACE THE ORDER’ there are chances that user may tap on cancel button by mistake. These types of errors can lead to visitors going back without converting. The spacing bothers more when the app and website it displayed on a smartphone where the screen is very small. Also, the dimensions of the elements need to be considered for this.

5.Cursor versus thumbs

Surfing on a desktop, we have a cursor to click on the options but on the smartphones we need tap with our fingers. The usability and interaction of both the screens changes. You need to consider both the screens while having the consistency. The instance of ‘CANCEL’ button and ‘PLACE THE ORDER’ button mentioned in the previous point is applicable here. Check how comfortable it is for the user.


This is not UI Design element but a copy can make or break your UI design. You need to choose right suitable words that will enhance your design layout. You need to sit with the copywriter and explain your expectations, present him the reasons behind placing a specific element. Try to make the copy with a flow. On the other hand, if you are doing it alone try observing your competitors’ website/ app, refer to the brand guidelines, and its tone.


Last but not the least, make wireframes. You can use software like Adobe XD or Figma, design initial layouts on it. Be innovative have trial and errors on it before you let out the final design. You can easily change, replace or redesign the elements on the wireframes. Also, AdobeXD and Figma lets you to share you wireframe with your colleagues so you can have a discussion and feedback on your design. It is always a good idea to ask for a feedback you can observe- how the user interacts with the elements, do the elements suggest the expected action or whether there are any errors.


It’s your first time so it can be a bit odd but you will do it gradually. Also, keep it in mind there are no set rules (other than the basic ones) so you can fiddle around with the design and create what suits the best!

All the very best!

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