Future of apps with current trends

Pandemic has reshaped the mobile application market. There was a prominent boom in app downloads and consequently app development. The time people spent on travelling, attending school/ office or even meeting people in real life was all directed towards the phone. This gained a great spike in downloads. All this has made the app developers as well as marketers to redesign their strategies. We can observe some trends that are going to define the future of app development.

1.The growing AI apps

People are spending most of their time on devices for entertainment, gaming etc. The current apps are tracing the user behaviour to retain him/her on the app for a longer time. They want to customize the content according to the user’s behaviour.  The market research firm IDC projected that the global AI market will reach a size of over half a trillion U.S. dollars by 2024. In future the AI apps will be developed with technologies like machine learning algorithm and predictive analytics. The apps will analyse the user and alert them about threats or breaches of information.AI will be helping you to understand your user more.

2.Cross platform development

Developing apps for various platforms like Android, Windows and IOS is the future. Many have already started developing and launching apps on different platforms, but it is going to increase in future and will surely be beneficial for the developers. The cross platform apps will have a great retention rate as the user is not restricted to one device, they can use it from any device that is available. Cross- platform app development will increase the user base. App development tools like Flutter, NativeScript, Framework and more offer developing cross platform apps.

3.5G tech

Since we are expecting 5G technology to arrive in India anytime soon we must also be expecting a spike in app downloads. With the increase in  download speed the users would be definitely going to try new apps. This technology is going to reshape the app marketing approach too. The marketers will need to plan strategies differently as the competition will be increased.

4.Wearable devices

Wearables are the future after smartphones. Devices like the Galaxy watch, Fitbit have a growing market segment. Also, these gadgets are for daily use and hence the user will be engaging with it the most. The only aim of the wearable will be bringing convenience to your customer’s day. So, the app needs to be developed according to the device and its functions. The increasing user base for wearables is growing and will continue to grow with future technologies.

5.Mobile payments

Payments and banking apps are emerging to make user’s transactions easy. Google pay, Paytm, Paypal, Apple pay etc are facilitating payments without physical debit/ credit cards. These applications are secure and are gaining the user’s trust. We can expect the increase in use of these apps in future. Paytm not only offers payment options but also online shopping, if apps club such features in one app they can see more response.

6.Mobile app UI

User experience is the key point of user retention. The aspects of UI are changing and developing with trends. UI lets your user navigate throughout the app and engage. Apps like INstagram, Pinterest, Youtube etc are doing it very well, since they have a high retention rate. With new technologies and proper study of human behaviour UI can do wonders to your app.

Not only the final app but the pre production stage (App Development) and the App marketing stage both are going to excel in future. Mobile apps are becoming a vital part of our daily life and the increasing demand shows that Applications are going to have a bright future.

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