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Alpine Corporate Training is a master  class by Ms. Manshikha Bhama(Co-Founder of Alpine Technologies), wherein you get a chance to learn how to enhance basic corporate skills which are essential for students who aim to excel in the corporate world. Our successful previous events  includes the Alpine Entrepreneurship competition and Ethical hacking. This masterclass will be perfect for freshers, graduates, or postgraduates who want to stand out in the corporate world. The masterclass will be conducted over 4 days on the platform Zoom.

Benefits of training

On completion of the training , all students will receive E-Certificates. Throughout the training , some basic tasks will be given and on completion of those tasks, the students will get a chance to earn the Letter of Recommendation. Also, the top performers who execute the tasks extremely well will stand a chance to receive Top Performers Certificate. We will also provide an Internship Opportunity  to the good performers.

Training Schedule

We will start by covering the fundamentals of Digital Marketing that every person needs to know to achieve their business goals. On Second day, we will cover the essential technical skills that you should know to become successful in the corporate world. Also, the effective implementation of Sales and Marketing strategies will keep you ahead of the game. On Third day, we will cover the group discussion strategies. And also, tips that will provide you with essentials skills in writing a winning resume. On the last day, we will teach you techniques that will help you ace Personal Interviews. In the end, we will provide a summary of the course content.

1st DAY

• LinkedIn Marketing

• Facebook Techniques

• Instagram Techniques

• Telegram Techniques

• Twitter Techniques

2nd DAY

• Technical Aspects of Corporate World

• Technical Skills that you must know

• Sales and Marketing Strategies

3rd DAY

• Group Discussion basics and techniques

• Tips on resume building

4th DAY

• Personal Interview techniques
• Summarization of the Training 


Online Registration Open ( 4th Batch )
17th January 2021

Online Registration Close (4nd Batch )
8th February 2021

4th Batch Starts on
10th February 2021

Training Time
6:00 pm - 7:00 pm

Registration Fee
Rs 100 / person


For any queries Mail us on :- alpinetrainings@gmail.com

Online Registration Open
25 September 2020