UnderstandingAudience Insight

The competition has increased all over the Internet, be it Social Media, Search EngineRanking, Website visitors etc. Hence, Targeting audience and delivering the content bybreakingthroughthecompetitionisveryimportant.ThisiswhereAudienceInsighthelpsus. Social media strategists have started using audience insight as a tool to know theiraudiences’behaviour.













Onceyouknowwhattimeyour audiences aremoreactiveyoucanoptimizeyourcontentby posting at that time. You can even get to know what day of the week they are mostactive.

ThisisaglancefromFacebookaudienceinsight.Youcanobservehowdetailedinsightsit shows. You can tap audience that have visited your site, audience with specific jobprofileorevenbytheirageandgender.

Theaboveimageshowsinsightsfrom Instagram.

Talking about Instagram audience insights, it has been showing insights for individualposts,IGTVandeventhestories.Recently,Instagramhasstartedtoshowinsightsforthereelstoo.Theseinsightswillbehighlyusefulforthecontentcreators,wheretheycanknow which reel has more engagement. This can help them create content that theaudiencelikethemost.

Facebookbusinessmanagerhasgotitall,itshowstheinsightsalsohelpyouplanthecontent. Once you get the audience that responds to your content you can experimentaroundanddecidewhichworksbestforyou.

Forinstance,ifyourInstagraminsightsshowon Wednesday5pm,youraudienceismostactive post on that particular time but for the rest of the day keep posting stories whereyou ask them questions or play quiz etc. These strategies help the audience keepengaged on your account. This all comes from an observation of audience insights. Youcanplanstrategiesbyobservingthetrendsofinsights.


Wealsousetheinsightstopromotesalesofyourproductandservice.It’smorepeculiarwhen understanding your audience for making sales. Your CPC (cost per click) needs tobe very low. It can be even 0.50rs. The lower the cpc the better is the ROI (return oninvestment).

For achieving the lowest CPC, you need to set an audience that suits yourproduct/service.We’llcheckthroughaninstance,letsselectShoesasourproductandwewanttoboostsalesonlinethroughFacebook.

We’ll search for the competitors’ site and other ecommerce sites like Amazon andFlipkart. We need to observe what they are offering, the reviews under the productdisplay. Remember, these reviews and ratings tell you a lot about the audience. Reviewscan tell age, location, interest of the user. Later when setting up the ad campaign onFacebook you will select the audience age, interest, location, etc accordingly. We won’tput their interest only ‘running’ we’ll pick up the keywords from the reviews for eg.‘Fitness’, ‘workout’, ‘gyming’ etc whatever interests the reviews reflect. While facebookalso provides you insights of what other pages your existing audiences follow and theirinterest.Youcangodeepintheaudiencecategoriesdowntoknowbehaviors,language,relationship status, education, work, financial, home, market segments, parents, politics(US),lifeevents,andmore.

Once you set up the ad campaign, you can keep analysing who converts into a buyer.Theseconversions(audience)willhelpyoubuildamorenarrowaudienceset.Sointhenext ad campaign you can retarget people for better results. You can follow the SalesFunnelalongwiththeinsightstogetabetterconversionrate.

Along with Socialmedia,websites play asignificantroleinacquiringsales.Thus,theaudienceofyourwebsiteneedstobeobservedtoo.

TheaboveimageisfromGoogleAds-Audienceinsights. You can observe its detailed audience profile. Demographics, location, AffinityAudiences, In-market audience. When dived deep in demographics you get to know theirage groups, gender and even if they are parents or not. If you have noticed on the righttop you can find ‘Devices’, there you can find which device is used more to visit yourwebsite.Youcanusethistoenrichtheuserexperienceofyoursite.Overall,thisdatacanbedownloadedintoa.csvor.xmlfileforreference







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