Why blogs are necessary for an IT company?

Marketing for IT companies need to be strategically planned. The number of IT companies is increasing as technology is advancing. With this competitive market a tech company needs to possess an extra edge over others. While you plan strategies for marketing your IT Company we have an effective solution for you that are ‘BLOGS’. I know it sounds a bit weird to you that why should IT companies need blogs? Answer is this blog, keep reading further to find it out.

  1. You can show your expertise (and simultaneously build trust)

When you put up blogs consistently on various topics your company has expertise in, you reflect your values, knowledge and in short what you possess. Share your perspectives and opinions on various tech related topics and reflect a leadership quality. Present reasoning behind your opinions too. This will make your visitors trust you and gradually trust your product or service.

  • Acts as a source of traffic

When you write blogs on relevant topics with right keywords you can easily rank high on Search Engine Result Pages. This makes sure you get maximum visitors. Do a research on topics that have high search volume and related keywords to use in your blogs. Follow all the Best SEO practices for more visibility. Also, promote your blogs on other platforms and maximize the visiting volume.

  • Aim to solve problems

Don’t just write to rank high on SERP but aim to solve the reader’s problem. Let them know that what you offer solves their problem. Post small tips and trick that can solve small problems. Once the visitor receives value from your blog they will return to you. Educate your blog reader about your product and services, demonstrate that you understand their pain and you have a solution for it. Your content will build authority for your company. The initial relation of client and company begins here.

  • Repurpose the content for different platforms

Blogs on an average can be of 400- 1500 word count. The long form blog can be tweaked a little and can be converted in other content forms. Repurpose the blog into a LinkedIn post; make it into Instagram carousel etc. Creating content on regular basis can be very exhaustive repurposing these blogs can be useful at these times. Second advantage is repurposing can show uniformity on all your platforms. Hence, if a client lands on your website through links on social media, they will observe the similar content and will have a sense of authenticity.

  • Builds reputation

People trust on written words and blogs are a great way to do that. You need to make sure you provide value for the time they spend on your website. Encourage people to discuss their points and provide them a constructive feedback. Through these steps you can easily build community who trusts you. Gradually, it will definitely build a reputation for you.

  • Let lay man understand you

IT is such a field that not all terms are clear to a lay man. Even the clients of IT companies not necessarily are fluent with IT related terms. So, when put content up on any platform be it blog or a social media post make sure it is

understandable to everyone.  Don’t write for your company but write for the reader. Learn what the reader understands and write accordingly.

Blog writing can be little tricky for IT companies but it is equally important for the company’s marketing as for other companies.  Having company’s own blog on website gives more stable marketing than being depended on other social media sites. Though social media marketing pushes forward your brand, blog will make it firm.

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