Why is only a website not enough
for a company?

In this era of smartphones, the maximum time of your customer is spent on a
smartphone. So, why not use this opportunity for your benefit? It is like living in the
A business goal can be reached even without a website. But companies have a
website. It is not mandatory for a business. It’s an asset for a business that multiplies
the chances of getting seen by your customers and providing them authentic
information about your company.
A study has shown that a consumer’s App usage is way more dominant than website
usage, 90% of consumer’s mobile time is spent using apps. It is observed that
customers who adopt the newly added app are more likely to purchase, shop more
frequently as well as spend more in each order compared to website users.
In case you are still not convinced why anyone should build their mobile application,
here are the top reasons for going down this path.

  1. Speed
    It is often observed that apps are faster; the reason being that they usually store their
    data locally on mobile devices, whereas websites use web servers. Therefore, data
    retrieval happens quickly in mobile apps.
    We can say that apps have everything just one click away. Not to say that websites
    don’t, but while using apps if you click on a button it dives right into the information
    within a blink of an eye, doesn’t it?
  2. Functionality
    Apps can use the features that mobile phones already have like gallery, contacts,
    and high-quality camera (anytime better than a webcam!)
    These features reduce the efforts users would have to take making it a very
    hassle-free experience for them. An example could be users filling out a form in any
    app that requires identity proof to be uploaded. Also, one has to admit that the
    touchscreen access of a mobile app has a different impact altogether due to which a
    lot of advanced features like ‘tap’, ‘swipe’, ‘drag’, ‘hold’, etc. can be introduced to the
  3. Personalization
    When you open a mobile application that you just downloaded, what do you notice
    on the very first visit? Firstly, its appearance and furthermore the ability to customize
    it according to your preference, right?
    Mobile apps allow users to customize their appearance at the very start as per their
    liking. They also offer users a personalized experience based on their interests.
    Apps can track and observe customer patterns – their interests, location, usage
    behavior and then provide specific content.
  4. Customer Engagement
    The ability to send instant notifications to users is desired in such a way that it is one
    of the major reasons why many organizations want to have a mobile app.
    Apps allow you to send messages directly to your customer’s phone via Push
    Notifications. These messages may include promotions, coupon codes, and sales
    which lure customers in to be active on the application.
    As a result, according to a Google study over 40% of online transactions already
    take place on mobile devices!
  5. Customer Loyalty
    Too much marketing and advertising is making companies lose their impact on
    customers. Therefore, it’s time to travel back to create a genuine connection with
    your customers and make them loyal lovers of your service.
    To achieve exactly that, mobile apps can help. They can be a way of staying closer
    to your customers, and being just a click away at all times.
  6. Standing Out
    Fast forward to the next 2-3 years and boom! An App for every business will become
    an expectation. Isn’t it obvious? Creating a mobile app is a way of securing a
    powerful presence and staying competitive in your industry. Mobile apps offer
    businesses an opportunity to stand out by presenting a visually pleasing and
    interactive environment.
    Your competitors, if they haven’t already, can create mobile apps as a part of their
    business plan. Therefore, any delay in app development may cause falling behind
    the competition.
  7. Understanding the customer
    A mobile app gives companies the unique opportunity to get to know their
    customers. To be precise, an app provides an efficient way for companies to collect,
    analyze and study customer data. By capturing information such as customer
    preferences and behavior, apps can help an organization influence marketing
    strategy with invaluable consumer insights.
    Understanding user motives, the most popular features, and who your users are can
    help you make the right strategic decisions to focus your marketing efforts in the right
    place. Therefore, businesses can use data-driven marketing strategies with apps to
    provide customers with a highly personalized experience.
  8. Brand Awareness
    Awareness and communication with your brand are one of the most important things
    an app offers to its users. It provides an environment where regular communication
    with your target audience can build loyalty and trust. Also, the more frequently a
    consumer is exposed to your brand, the higher their chances to purchase becomes.
    Mobile apps are considered an effective strategy for promoting and building brands
    due to this.
    In this competitive world, mobile apps are one of the best means for increasing the
    visibility of your organization. This can be achieved by creating an app that is well
    branded and at the same time has features that your customers will love.
    Final Thoughts
    For businesses, mobile apps are the means to reach customers, just like a website
    or an advertisement. But apps also offer greater personalization and operational
    efficiency as well as some exclusive features. Having said that, I feel there is no
    debate about one vs. another.
    The fact is, you need both, to get to your customers who are browsing on their
    desktops or on the go scrolling on their smartphones. The app can engage them so
    that they keep coming back to your brand for more. While you are building a
    responsive website to inform your target audience about your brand, you can further
    engage your existing customers through a mobile app. I would say that if you don’t
    have a mobile app already, you are missing out on a massive potential audience.

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