Why to learn digital marketing?

The pandemic has become a landmark for digital marketing and for almost everybusiness out there. The lockdown forced businesses to get onto digital platforms for theirsurvival. Hence, digital marketing has gained a boom. All the businesses, be it smallhome-based or big corporate organisations, want an attractive digital presence. All they aim isto attract and retain customers. Besides being a saviour for the businesses, digital marketing isalso an innovative and engaging way of advertising. It has the potential to make a great brandout of your business. Hence, people have realised it is a necessity to learn Digital Marketing!Are you planning to do the same? But are you still in two minds?

We have 6 powerful reasons Why you need to learn digital marketing.


Lockdown has shut many businesses’ physical stores and offices, now they have startedtheir shopify stores and social media accounts. If you own a business it can be very beneficialfor you to learn Digital Marketing. Instagram, Facebook, Whatsapp for business allows you toput up a virtual showroom for your products and practice online transactions. Also, theseplatforms help you reach new potential clients. The digital presence saves your time fortravelling, increases ease of maintenance, and gives you analytics of everything that goes up onyour platform.


Traditional advertising incurs costs for per thousand viewers, printing charges, designingcharges etc. but for digital marketing you cut down the charges and can set your ad campaignas per your budget. Your budget can be as low as 100 rs. Hence, once set up, digital marketingcan save you thousands on ad spend. Facebook business manager lets you manage andpublish ads on Facebook feeds. Instagram Feed, Messenger and even on Whatsapp. With sucha variety of platforms you reach a wide range of clients. At any point of time if you observe thead isn’t performing well or your ad spends are going out of budget you can stop the ad then andthere.


To reach on a global level you can take help of Google search engine’s Google Adwordto list first on Google search pages. Google is a platform used all over the globe and hence itassures you to reach a global audience. The platform also provides you with audience analyticsso if you have a sales funnel you can filter and target the potential audience. Retargeting theaudience can result in a good rate of conversion. Analysing audiences can also help youcustomize your content and increase engagement over other social media platforms too.


If you own a business digital marketing can help you promote it or you can start acompletely new business online. But what if you don’t own any business? Still, learning digitalmarketing can give you an extra edge for your career. Employees with multiple skills arepreferred more for hiring. The Digital Marketing industry is growing 10x more than beforelockdown which means you have a good scope of earning a living through it. You need to workon your expertise and can offer your service as a freelancer or a consultant as well.

5. CONNECT TO YOUR CUSTOMERS AND RETAIN THEM No platform has been for engaging and close to the audience before. TV, Radio, andNewspapers are one sided communication media. But on digital platforms, audiences who arepotential clients/ customers can directly message you for queries. They don’t have to wait for aletter to be delivered or compulsorily visit your shop to know details about your product /service.You can ask them questions in a fun way like on Instagram stories and know them better.Frequent engagement and content posting makes sure your client remembers you when theymake a purchase. Not only acquire new customers but also retain them. Try to genuinely solvetheir problems, provide them insights of your industry/ product/ company, conduct quizzes,giveaways to retain the customers/ audience.


Recently an app called ‘ClubHouse’ has been in trend. It is a social media app, where

you share your thoughts and content by straight away talking in the groups. It is a voice based

content sharing platform. Mind blowing, right?! That is the power of digital marketing, it keeps

evolving and growing into new shapes. You will need to stay in trend and learn things to keep up

with the competition. You won’t get bored with monotonous work, there will be something new

after a while. Isn’t it exciting?

Tell us in the comments if all the reasons excite you or not. Also, what is your reason to learn

digital marketing?

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